Watch Palmeiras live in 2024

Watch Palmeiras live in 2024


In the vibrant Brazilian football scene, following Palmeiras games live in 2024 has become an accessible and diverse journey, thanks to the availability of multiple broadcast platforms. With Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras competing in high-caliber championships — such as the Copa Libertadores da América, the Copa do Brasil, the Campeonato Paulista and the Campeonato Brasileiro —, Verdão fans are well served with options to follow each match with fervor it's love.

Copa Libertadores de América 2024

For Copa Libertadores enthusiasts, the thrill of watching Palmeiras compete in South America's most coveted tournament is made easier by TV Globo, which offers free-to-air TV broadcasts. In addition, ESPN on closed TV, along with the streaming platforms Star+, Paramount+, Globoplay and ge, ensure that fans can connect to the games from anywhere, at any time.


Brazil Cup 2024

When it comes to the Copa do Brasil, Rede Globo dominates broadcasts on open TV, while SporTV and Premiere take care of coverage on closed TV. Streaming access is vast, with options such as Globoplay, Amazon Prime Video and ge, providing fans with the flexibility to follow live games at their convenience.

Paulista Championship 2024

In the Campeonato Paulista, Record brings the games to open TV, expanding the reach of the matches. TNT, in turn, offers a quality alternative on closed TV. YouTube and HBO Max join the mix, allowing fans to stream games, whether at home or on the go, without missing a single moment of the action.


Brazilian Championship 2024

For the Brazilian Championship, Grupo Globo provides extensive coverage of Palmeiras' games live, with TV Globo, Premiere and SporTV. This range of options reflects the commitment to providing fans with ease and convenience in following the most competitive championship in the country.


The availability of multiple broadcast platforms addresses a growing desire for flexibility in how sports content is consumed. From open and closed TV broadcasts to online streaming options, Palmeiras fans have the freedom to choose how they want to follow the games, ensuring that no one is left out of the excitement that each match promises. Thus, watching Palmeiras live in 2024 goes beyond the simple action of following a game; It is an experience shared by a passionate and dedicated community, always at the side of their team in search of new achievements and glories.