About Us

O Sertão Radar emerges as a beacon in the journalistic panorama of the Brazilian Northeast, offering readers up-to-date and high-quality information, especially focused on the Sertão Nordestino and beyond. The conception of this project dates back to 2018, with the vision of establishing a news portal that stood out for its relevance and connection with the public in the Northeast. It was in 2021, however, that we turned this vision into reality, beginning our journey to become a trusted source of news in the areas of sports, politics, entertainment and, essentially, everything that concerns the vibrant heart of the Sertão.


Located in Petrolina, Pernambuco, we find ourselves at the epicenter of the Sertão, allowing us to not just report, but experience the stories that matter. This proximity gives us the unique advantage of ensuring our coverage is as genuine as the people and places it represents.

Our team

The quality assurance of our content is the result of the hard work of our dedicated team, who have a passion for journalism. Under the leadership of the Editorial Director Fábio Lucas Carvalho, and with the journalistic talents of Romário Carvalho It is Fernanda, we are committed to delivering accurate, relevant and meaningful news.

Social media

We recognize the vital role of social media in disseminating information and building an engaged community. Therefore, we invite you to follow us on YouTube, Instagram It is Facebook, where you can stay up to date with the latest news and join our growing online community.


We are always available to listen to you. For questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact us by email [email protected]. If you have questions regarding licensing, copyright, or similar matters, please feel free to write to us.

At the Sertão Radar, our mission is clear: to provide quality news, with responsibility and a special focus on what is truly important for the Brazilian Northeast. We are here to inform, inspire and contribute to a more informed and connected community. Join us on this journey.