The most anticipated public competitions of 2024 in Brazil

The most anticipated public competitions of 2024 in Brazil


The expectation surrounding public tenders in Brazil grows exponentially. The year 2024 promises to be a watershed year for many Brazilians who aspire to a career in the public service, with a series of opportunities covering different levels of education and areas of specialization.

Below, we highlight some of the most anticipated competitions for 2024, opening doors to job stability and attractive benefits.


1. National Social Security Institute (INSS)

The INSS is notorious for its job offers with excellent benefits and the long-awaited stability. The planned competition seeks to fill positions for Social Security Technician and Social Security Analyst, attracting candidates from different backgrounds.

2. Brazil's federal revenue

The Federal Revenue Service remains one of the bodies most sought after by candidates, especially for Tax Auditor and Tax Analyst positions. In addition to the attractive remuneration, working at the Federal Revenue Service means playing a crucial role in the country's tax and customs administration.


3. Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN)

The Central Bank is among the most prestigious bodies, offering vacancies for Analysts and Technicians. These positions, intended for higher and secondary level candidates, respectively, are fundamental to Brazil's stability and financial health.

4. Federal Police (PF)

Photo: Federal Police

Known for its competitive selection processes, the Federal Police offers vacancies for Delegate, Agent, Clerk and Papilloscopist. Working at the PF is an opportunity to contribute significantly to national security and participate in highly relevant operations.

5. Federal Audit Court (TCU)

The TCU, an external control body that supports the National Congress, opens vacancies for Federal External Control Auditor. This position is essential for monitoring the application of public resources, ensuring legality and efficiency in management.

These opportunities only scratch the surface of what 2024 has to offer in terms of public tenders in Brazil. Advance preparation is crucial for anyone who wants to secure their place in the public service. It is essential to understand the specific requirements, deadlines and registration procedures for each competition, dedicating yourself to a targeted and efficient study.

For those willing to embark on this journey, the year 2024 holds not only the promise of employability but also personal and professional fulfillment in public service.