The best courses to study for the public exam

The best courses to study for the public exam


The path to passing public exams is a journey that requires not only effort and discipline, but also access to high-quality educational resources. Choosing the appropriate preparatory course can be decisive for the success.

Below we present a careful selection of the best courses available for those who want to prepare for public exams in 2024:


1. Competition Strategy

Renowned among aspirants for public office, Estilo Concursos stands out for its complete approach, offering a wide range of specific online courses for various competitions. Its material is mainly made up of video lessons and in-depth PDFs.

2. Gran Cursos Online

With a user-friendly interface and an extensive library of video classes, Gran Cursos Online facilitates the study journey with additional resources such as simulations and questions with comments, as well as forums for clarifying doubts.


3. AlfaCon

Ideal for candidates focused on public security competitions, AlfaCon offers both in-person and online classes, prioritizing engaging teaching and constantly updated content.

4. Emphasis Course

Specialist in training future professionals in legal careers, the Emphase Course adopts a methodology that mixes theory and practice, preparing students for challenges such as judiciary, Public Prosecutor's Office and Public Defender's Office through detailed classes.

5. Damasio Educational

Focused on legal careers, Damásio Educacional combines live and online classes with complete teaching materials, being a reference for those seeking depth and comprehensiveness in their preparation.

6. Point of Contests

Ponto dos Concursos is praised for the excellence of its written materials. It provides courses aimed at a wide range of public examinations, emphasizing detailed handouts and commented questions from previous tests.

7. The Concurseiro House

Recognized for the quality of its courses for banking and tax exams, A Casa do Concurseiro offers video classes, PDF files and a vast collection of questions for practice.

These options represent only a fraction of the resources available to candidates for public examinations. Selecting a course should take into account your learning preferences, objectives and the type of competition you are aiming for. Careful preparation is essential for those seeking success in public examinations. We wish you a productive and triumphant journey towards approval in 2024!