Public competition: how to pass quickly

Public competition: how to pass quickly


Preparing for a public competition is a process that requires dedication, organization and strategy. Entering public service can be a life goal for many people due to the stability, pay and benefits that many positions offer. To achieve this objective, it is crucial develop an effective study plan, adapt your routine to include consistent study hours, and familiarize yourself with the format and content of the public exam you are interested in.

Planning and organization of the public competition

The first step in preparing for a public exam is to have good planning. This means understanding the public competition notice, identifying the subjects that will be covered and organizing a study schedule. Prioritize the subjects according to their difficulty and their relevance in the competition. It is essential to set clear and realistic goals to maintain focus and motivation.


Study Techniques

The choice of study techniques may vary depending on personal preference, but it is important to adopt methods that increase knowledge retention. Techniques such as spaced review, active study by solving questions from previous public exams, and creating mind maps can be extremely useful. Additionally, study groups can offer emotional support and encourage knowledge sharing.

Mental and Physical Health

Preparing for a public exam can be mentally and physically exhausting. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of your mental health, ensuring moments of rest and leisure. Regular physical activity not only helps keep your body healthy but also increases your ability to concentrate and relieves stress.



Carrying out simulations is an essential part of preparing for a public exam. They help to familiarize the candidate with the exam format, as well as being a great way to assess progress and identify areas that need more attention. It is recommended to carry out simulations in conditions that imitate the test environment, respecting the time limit and avoiding interruptions.

Final Adjustments

As the public exam date approaches, it is important to review the content studied, but also to start slowing down to avoid burnout. This is the time to focus on areas of greatest difficulty and review key points.


Preparing for a public exam is a long and often challenging journey, but with the right strategy, it is entirely possible to achieve success. Careful planning, dedication to studies and care for mental and physical health are essential components for anyone seeking approval in a public exam. Furthermore, understanding the importance of carrying out simulations and adjusting the study strategy as necessary can make all the difference in the final result.

Remember that each public tender is a unique opportunity, and rejection, if it happens, is part of the process. The important thing is to stay focused, learn from your mistakes and continue preparing for the next opportunities. With perseverance and the right approach, the dream of entering public service can become a reality.