Social Electricity Tariff: Understand who is entitled and how to register

Social Electricity Tariff: Understand who is entitled and how to register


The Social Electricity Tariff in Brazil is an initiative that provides significant discounts on electricity bills for low-income families, representing an important relief for the household budget.

Integrated into public social assistance policies, the Social Electricity Tariff seeks to ensure that access to basic services is not a financial burden for the most vulnerable. However, many people still have doubts about who has right this benefit and how to register to obtain the discounts offered.


This article aims to clarify these issues, providing clear guidance on the registration process for the Social Electricity Tariff, in addition to highlighting the eligibility criteria and the steps necessary for families to benefit from this economic advantage.

Who is entitled to the Social Electricity Tariff?

The Social Tariff is aimed at families registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) with monthly per capita family income less than or equal to half the national minimum wage. In addition, seniors aged 65 or over and people with disabilities who receive the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) can also benefit, regardless of family income.


Families with a monthly income of up to three minimum wages, which have among their members people who need electrical equipment essential for survival, are also eligible. This condition must be proven through a medical report and prescription.

Social Electricity Tariff: How to register?

The Social Tariff registration process is simple, but requires attention to detail to ensure the benefit is granted. See the step by step:

  1. Registration in CadÚnico: The first step is to ensure that your family is registered in the Single Registry. If you are not already there, go to the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) closest to your residence to register. It is necessary to bring personal documents from all family members, proof of income and residence.
  2. Data update: It is crucial to keep CadÚnico information up to date, especially the Social Identification Number (NIS), as it is based on this that energy concessionaires verify the right to the benefit.
  3. Contact with the dealership: After confirming that your data is correct and updated in CadÚnico, contact your region's electricity provider. This can be done over the phone, online or in person. Inform your interest in joining the Social Tariff and provide the NIS of the family responsible.
  4. Analysis and concession: The dealership will review the request based on information provided. If everything is as expected, the discount will be automatically applied to future invoices.

Benefits and discounts

It is crucial to highlight that the Social Tariff is not just a discount program, but an essential tool for social and economic inclusion. It represents a right guaranteed to thousands of Brazilians who live in vulnerable situations, offering them the opportunity to access basic energy services more easily. Therefore, it is imperative that all eligible families are aware of this benefit and mobilize to request it.

Therefore, if your family meets the criteria established for obtaining the Social Electricity Tariff, it is essential to take the initiative to sign up for this program. Doing so can mean substantial savings on your electricity bill, easing the household budget and allowing the saved resources to be reallocated to other essential needs, such as food, health and education. Ultimately, access to the Social Electricity Tariff can be a significant step towards a better quality of life, ensuring that basic needs are met without compromising the family's financial health.