Free CRLV app

Free CRLV app


Tired of carrying that pile of papers in the car? CRLV Digital has arrived to revolutionize the way you prove your vehicle registration and licensing! Through a free and easy-to-use application, you will have instant access to the digital document, with the same legal validity as the printed version.

But what are the advantages of using CRLV Digital?

  • Practicality: Say goodbye to piles of documents in the glove compartment. Access CRLV anytime, anywhere, even without internet!
  • Security: Less paper means less risk of loss or theft. And if you change your cell phone, the document will always be synchronized in your account.exclamation
  • Economy: Forget about the fees for issuing a duplicate of the printed CRLV. The app is completely free!
  • Sustainability: Avoid wasting paper and contribute to preserving the environment.

How to download CRLV Digital?

The process is simple and quick:


  1. Get the app: Search for “Digital Traffic Card” (CDT) in your cell phone’s app stores. The app is free and available for Android and iOS.expand_more
  2. Log in: Use your CPF and password. If you don't already have an account, simply register on the federal government website.
  3. Add your vehicle: Enter the Renavam number and the CRV (Vehicle Registration Certificate) security code.
  4. Ready! CRLV Digital will be available on the application.


  • The CRLV Digital can only be issued if the vehicle's licensing is up to date.expand_more
  • Some states still do not offer CRLV Digital. Check with your state's DMV to check availability.

What can you do with CRLV Digital?

  • Present in case of traffic stop or police approach.
  • Consult information about the vehicle, such as license plate, model, year of manufacture and licensing expiration date.
  • Pay traffic fines (in some states).exclamation
  • Transfer the vehicle to another owner (in some states).

Applications to download CRLV Digital:

  • Digital Traffic Card (CDT): official application of the federal government.expand_more
  • Detran-SP: São Paulo Detran application.exclamation
  • Detran-RJ: Rio de Janeiro Detran application.exclamation
  • Poupatempo: Poupatempo (SP) application.

Still have doubts?

Visit the Denatran website or consult your state's Detran for more information. With CRLV Digital, you have more freedom, practicality and safety when driving. Download the app right now and enjoy!